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Boat Baby

I really love the water. Yes, we're pretty landlocked here in Dallas, but we have great lakes nearby. And growing up in Oklahoma our family and friends spent many, many weekends on a pontoon boat at Grand Lake.

My family has also cruised quite a bit, and we've chartered a boat for trips in the Caribbean, New England, the Amalfi coast in Italy and the French Riviera.

We really love our annual vacations and more often than not they're on a boat.

Well, apparently my kids are going to like boats too.

See, that's Caroline pulling up for the first time on a boat.



We took a New Years cruise when Andrew was 10 months old and he decided that was the perfect time to start walking.

Who starts walking on a moving boat??

My kid.


Now that we're home and back on solid ground she's not slowing down.

Poor baby has a cold and is teething and not sleeping well, but she's on the move anyway. She's crawling, slowly, but she's crawling.

And yesterday I found her pulled-up to standing on a toy, holding on with one hand.


I give all the credit to the cruise.

Being on the water seems to inspire these kids.

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