Meagan Musing: Mickey Boat!

Meagan Musing


Mickey Boat!

Hi y'all!

This week has been full of Mickey Mouse and Captain Hook and Goofy!

We're on the Mickey Boat! Andrew has been so excited about this trip for so long.

Everyone is having a great time. The lack of a schedule and dedicated nap time has been a little rough on Caroline, but she's mostly just been going with the flow.

And Andrew has been so wired! It's like he has enough energy for twelve people.

Here are a few iPhone pics and then you can be sure I'll be back with lots more photos soon!

Oops. Never mind. Apparently the internet at sea is too slow to upload pics....I'll get them up soon. There's lots of beach pictures and Caroline in cute bathing suites and Andrew dressed like a pirate.

Arrrgh Matey!




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