Meagan Musing: Memories Dreams and Reflections 2011

Meagan Musing


Memories Dreams and Reflections 2011

Happy New Year! It's 2012, y'all!

I'm joining Ashley's Memories Dreams and Reflections challenge this week. I had a great time looking back through my photos from the year to find these.


1. Me!


Since I was pregnant for most of 2011 I thought it was only appropriate to highlight the belly. This thing was big by the end. Caroline arrived one day shy of 41 weeks.

2. I love you


Daddy, big brother, new little sister. My heart.

3. Still laughing


Seriously...this guy cracks me up everyday. I laugh every time I see this. He was so excited about boating that he needed to wear his life jacket in our living room.

4. Winter wonderland


We had a record snowfall in February. It stayed super cold for a week and we were stuck inside much longer than we were used to. But Andrew loved playing in the snow!

5. Birthday


My sweet nephew turned one in October. I love the look on his face!

6. Friends


These are most of the kids from my moms' group. I love these kiddo and their mamas! This is the third Halloween costume group photo!

7. I was inspired


I caught Caroline's first open mouth smile with my camera phone and I was so excited about it! It may not be a perfect photo, but I always have my phone with me, ready to capture these cool moments. I joined Instagram this year and it's inspired me to snap, snap snap away with my phone.

8. Spring fever


Spring showers bring May flowers.

9. Travel or vacation


We spent five nights in the Bahamas in March. It was our first trip without Andrew. We missed him like crazy, but it was also a nice little break.

10. Summer days


Andrew had the best summer. Sprinklers, swimming and lots of sun.

11. A day in my life


These two...all day, every day. It's hard work having two kids, but it's so amazingly rewarding. I love being a mom.

12. All smiles


13. Autumn Harvest


We went to Owen's Farm in October to pick out pumpkins and take a hay ride.

14. Family


A goal for 2012 is more family photos! I grabbed my remote and tripod for this shot and the whole thing took 15 minutes. We can so do this more often.

15. Celebrate!


Our Mavs won the championship! We went to the victory celebration at the AAC later that week. It was so cool!

16. Let's do it again...


Summers at my parents are so fun. I'm looking forward to splashing in the pool with Caroline this summer and watching Andrew swim, swim swim. And, oh, those sunsets.

17. I miss you


We lost Nana this year. She left a big, big hole. I miss her so much.

18. Beautiful


I know I'm biased because I'm her mom, but she's so pretty. And I love this picture.

19. Dress up


Andrew was a green dinosaur for Halloween this year. Sweet Caroline slept through most of Halloween, but she did have a cute pumpkin shirt and a black tutu. :)

20. Macro


I was so excited about this shot. Macros certainly aren't my specialty, but I love this one.

21. Holidays


This shot pretty much sums up our Christmas. Super hero costumes, Legos and stripey pajamas.

22. My favorite


I love everything about this shot. The black and white, the light shining in through the fence. The look on his face.

23. Don't ever change


This man...he's my everything. He works hard and he loves us so.

24. Just because...


I have this shot hanging on my little gallery wall outside Andrew's room. I love the overalls and that little hand on the tree - from last winter. He looks so little still.

25. Hopes and dreams


For 2012 I want to focus on life. I want to be a better mom and a better wife. I want to be more patient with everyone. And I want to be more organized.

Twenty-eleven was a pretty good year. I don't know if I'll be able to top it, but we're going to try!


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