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Memories Dreams and Reflections

Did y'all see Ashley's Memories Dreams and Reflections list for 2011?

I'm totally going to participate. I just love the idea of having all these photos together to look back on in years to come.

Here's the list of photos to find in your archives from 2011:

1. Me! - picture of yourself (you don't have to show your face). What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011?
2. I Love You - picture of your husband, boyfriend, children, pets, etc.
3. Still Laughing... - a moment you're still laughing about now...tell us a story.
4. Winter Wonderland - a picture that reflects Winter.
5. Birthday - share a birthday picture (your own or someone you love).
6. Friends - a picture with friends (this could be your friends or your children with their friends).
7. I Was Inspired... - could be a picture of your inspiration (person or thing), or inspired by...
8. Spring Fever - a picture that reflects Spring.
9. Travel or Vacation - a picture taken on vacation or on a recent travel experience...even if it was only a few miles away.
10. Summer Days - a picture that reflects Summer.
11. A Day In My Life - a picture of a typical day in your life.
12. All Smiles - a picture that makes you smile or of smiling faces.
13. Autumn Harvest - a picture that reflects Autumn/Fall.
14. Family or Home - a picture of your family or a picture that represents family/home for you.
15. Celebrate! - a picture that reflects a celebration.
16. Let's Do It Again... - a picture of something you'd like to do again soon.
17. I Miss You - a picture of someone or something you really miss.
18. Beautiful - a picture of someone or something you find beautiful.
19. Dress Up - this might be a picture from Halloween or not...but someone who is all dressed up!
20. Macro - share your favorite macro or close-up image.
21. Holidays - a picture from the Holiday of your choice.
22. My Favorite - share your favorite picture or memory from 2011.
23. Don't Ever Change - something you love about yourself, someone, or something that you never want to change.
24. Just Because...So There! - share any picture(s) that you really want to share, but doesn't fit in any other category.
25. Hopes and Dreams - share what you hope to come or dream for 2012. Feel free to share an image of your choice.

And I'll have my post with my 2011 pictures up in the New Year. I think I better get started now!

I'm pretty sure this will be my I Love You picture:


Happy Saturday, y'all!

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  • Meagan, That photo takes my breath away! So perfect and beautiful! I'm going to try to participate in this extra big hunt, too although I haven't done the weekly hunt in months.

    By Blogger deb duty, At December 3, 2011 at 11:43:00 AM CST  

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