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Christmas Cookies

Ah, Christmastime. It totally snuck on me this year. I'm sure y'all are surprised that I don't have every gift wrapped and waiting under my beautifully decorated tree. But, unfortunately, no. I'm way, way behind. Once upon a time I was organized and on-time.

And then I had children.

At this point I think I'd pay someone to finish my shopping for me.

My biggest issue is that I've never bought a double stroller and taking both kiddos to the mall is so, so hard without one. So I've done quite a bit of shopping online. It's saved me, for sure.

I really need to start organizing and wrapping very soon though.

But today was chocolate chip cookie day!

I asked Andrew if he wanted to make cookies for his sweet MDO teachers and he couldn't wait to get started. He was so excited to get going that I came downstairs from changing Caroline and found him with a box of baking soda, a mixing bowl and a tube of red food coloring.

Y'all, that could have been such a disaster. But miraculously the food coloring was all contained in the bowl.


He loves to hold the mixer, but he accidentally pushed it up to the highest speed and it jumped around in the bowl a bit. I quickly turned it back down and he looked at me so seriously and said, "that was kinda scary."



Sweet Shot Day

These cookies were made with love, if not a huge amount of hygiene.


Caroline got to supervise for us.


It sure looks like I've been letting her snack on chocolate chip cookies, but I can assure you that's all milk.

I'm planning to do sprinkle cookies for Santa with Andrew on Christmas Eve. I'm so excited about it! He's been talking about leaving Santa cookies all month and I want him to get to help make them.

I'm not much of a baker throughout the year, but there's just something special about making treats on Christmas.

What's your favorite Christmas baking treat?

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