Meagan Musing: Boys will be Boys

Meagan Musing


Boys will be Boys


Little boys are their very own creatures.

I didn't really know anything about baby boys when Andrew was born. I have one sister and my cousins lived far-ish away so I just didn't have a chance to spend much time around boys when I was growing up.

Oh, what a treat they are!


Andrew is such a spunky, funny, loving, sensitive, strong, wild and sweet little boy. All that energy and personality packed into such a small package, it's a wonder it doesn't just burst right out.


We spent today with my parents and my sister and her family at a big, extended-family get together. At lunch I somehow sat Andrew between my parents while Brian and I sat next to the sleeping baby. We got the much easier end of that deal.

But I loved watching the way my dad interacted with Andrew. He's so patient with him and Andrew absolutely, 110% adores his Papa Jack. What kind of dad would he have been to boys? Who knows, but I'm glad he has these grandsons to love.


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