Meagan Musing: Fall Color

Meagan Musing


Fall Color

My life is pretty focused on the little people in my house right now. But on a rainy Monday the baby slept and the toddler had some quiet room time, leaving me with just a moment to grab my macro lens and run to the backyard.


So fall around here is pretty green.

Our leaves just started changing this week, and even still there's not much fall color out there.

We've already planted our pansies that will last us through the winter.



I love pansies. I love looking out the back window and seeing all the pretty color even when it's chilly and dark.


But we do have some fall color.


This is the ivy growing over our back fence which is in desperate need of some mending. It makes for pretty pictures though. :)


Just a hint of fall, hidden in with summer.

All these photos were edited with new (to me) Lightroom presets from One Willow. I'm usually a Photoshop girl but I wanted to try some Lightroom editing. What do you think?


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