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All About Sleep


I was in a funk most of the day. It was like it took me all day long to wake up. It was weird. I did lots of stuff, I just think I kind of slept through it.

I'll mostly blame it on the time change. And the other part could be the lack of sleep.

I know I'm tired, but at night, when I should go to bed, I find myself editing photos or reading blogs or putting away pretty, freshly washed clothes in Caroline's room.

When Andrew was a baby and still getting up to eat two or three times a night I would often doze during the day when he did. I'd sit down to feed him in the nursery glider and wake up an hour later. It was kind of glorious looking back on it.

Now I'm lucky if I get to stay seated through a full nursing session.

This is such a wild and crazy time in our lives. Toddler, new baby, Brian so busy with work and getting his MBA.

I love it all. I really do. But I'm sleepy.

This post was not supposed to be about sleep.

I was going to tell you about how Andrew and I made yummy cupcakes today and how I finally got my macro lens out to get some shots of the four red leaves in our backyard. And how I did five (five!) loads of laundry today and designed two party invitations last week.

But I guess I'll save that all for later. Because I'm going to sleep now.

Good night.


Sweet Shot Day

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