Meagan Musing: Sad Baby

Meagan Musing


Sad Baby

Sick babies are so, so sad. Caroline has a urinary tract infection, and she's just miserable.


We discovered that her kidneys were enlarged while she was still in-utero. We followed up and found that she has Level 4 kidney reflux, meaning that her urine goes back up out of her bladder and re-enters her kidneys.

The majority of kids with reflux never get sick, but poor Caroline seems to be one who does.


The good news is we've started her on an antibiotic and she should be feeling better by this time tomorrow.

I feel like I've spent all week snuggling with a sad baby. She had her 2-month vaccinations on Tuesday (she weighs 12 lbs, 5 oz!) and was pretty sore and fussy after that. She was okay on Wednesday, but was sick all day Thursday and today too.


I'm so ready for her to be back to her normal happy, smiley self. It's just heartbreaking to hear her little whimpers and cries.


This brief bout with a sick baby has made me even more thankful for my normally healthy, happy kids. Once again, I realize how truly blessed we are.

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