Meagan Musing: Friday (iPhone) Photos

Meagan Musing


Friday (iPhone) Photos

Well this week sure got away from me. It's already Friday night, y'all!

I have some fun iPhone pictures to share from this week, but first, a funny story.

This afternoon I packed up Andrew and Caroline and headed to the mall to meet my mom and my sister and my 1-yr old nephew, Reid.

(Total side note - here's the cutest photo from his birthday party:


How darling are they?)

I haven't bought a double stroller yet, so at the mall I was wearing Caroline in the Moby Wrap and pushing Andrew in the stroller. Reid was in his stroller too. We were a very merry bunch.

We stopped to shop for boots but it's hard to put boots on with a sleeping 13 pound baby strapped to your chest so the sales clerk at Nordstrom was really earning her Allstar rating, helping me step into and zip up my boots.

She was very close to my feet so I apologized for my lack of a fresh pedicure. Mom then commented that I'd obviously been too busy lately and joked....

"All three of these babies are hers you know."

I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on that sales lady's face. She was utterly flabbergasted.

And I was so, so happy that having three kids in 30 months was only a joke. Wow, I am not brave enough for that.


Andrew was just as handsome as ever this week, and Caroline, well, I'm kind of in love.


I'm also clearly insane because I haven't gone to bed before midnight a single day this week and my baby likes to eat. A lot. At night.


Pretty baby girl fabric.


Swim lessons. (No diaper blowouts!)


Brian's favorite radio station.


We had a LOT of sugar this week.


Oh I love them so!

My kids make cute faces. ;)

P.S. Are y'all on instagram? I'm crazy about it! I spend almost as much time on there as I do Twitter. If you are, leave me your username in a comment and I'll find and follow you.

I'm MeaganMusing.

You can find me on Twitter, too.

Happy weekend!

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