Meagan Musing: Spring Beach Trip

Meagan Musing


Spring Beach Trip

Back in March my extended family took a 5-night trip to the Bahamas. We rented a house right on the beach, left Andrew at home with his G.J. (my mother-in-law) and flew south.

My sister and brother in law brought my sweet nephew Reid who was about four months old and my amazing parents were there of course.

I was about 18 weeks pregnant and had thought it might be a little like a babymoon for Brian and me. It was the first time we'd left Andrew in almost a year and it was our longest trip away from him, too.

When we got there the house didn't quite live up to our internet picture expectations and my pregnancy hormones did not let me do a good job of hiding my disappointment.

But the company was still awesome and looking back I'm so glad we went. The weather was perfect the whole time and the beach was gorgeous.

And I'm finally ready to share some of our vacation pictures.


First, this is my fake smile. And I have dirty hair. And I think I was pretty grouchy at the time, but I'd like to point out that we were on the beach in bathing suits, but I was wearing a light sweater. Oh my, that might have been the last time I was able to wear a cardigan. I'm really missing those nice 80 degree breezy days right about now.



This sunset was right out the backdoor of the house and it was fabulous!


Again with the sweater!


We took lots of walks down the beach.


It got pretty rocky the further down the beach we went, but there were these cool little pools in the rocky sand and Brian was fascinated with trying to find stuff in the them. And I loved the reflections in them.

And this, this is my favorite photo from the whole trip:


Sweet baby Reid didn't sleep much on the trip, but here he is looking so peaceful and calm. If that doesn't make you want to curl up with a little tiny baby I don't know what will.


(I'm linking this one up for You Capture - White).

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