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Basketball Celebration

We got to do the coolest thing today.

You may have heard that my Mavericks won the NBA championship for the first time ever this week. And they did it with hard work and dedication and lots of teamwork. I am so proud of them, and of my city.


The victory parade was this morning, and then they hosted a big celebration at the AAC for season ticket holders and we knew we had to go - to the celebration inside with air conditioning, not to the parade outside in the 100 degree weather.

I'm just not that brave.


It was so cool to see them all so happy and celebratory. Dirk had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. I bet he won't stop smiling for weeks.

I never bring my camera to games because it just seems silly to lug it around and I'm usually too busy watching the game and cheering to worry about it, but I wanted to document today with more than my iPhone.


It was quite the lighting challenge though. There were spotlights and crazy colored lights shining down on the players and the trophy.

Ahhh...that shiny trophy.

Here is Dirk talking about how awesome the rest of his team and the fans are and completely giving everyone else the credit for his success.


It would be great if more professional athletes were as humble and unassuming as Dirk. But I guess that's what makes him so special.


I don't have a telephoto lens so I just brought my Tamron 28mm-75mm and it was hard to get close shots. (Our seats are up in the platinum level so quite a ways from the stage.)

I had to do some heavy duty cropping to get some of these shots, but I'm still glad I brought my camera. These are totally worth it.

At the end they finally dropped confetti on the crowd. The team didn't have any kind of a celebration after they won the Western Conference at home and they didn't have any streamers in Miami either. So I was happy to see it today.



The whole thing was just so exciting, and I'm really happy we were able to get there today.

Go Mavs!

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  • So. Much. FUN!! I had planned to bring my camera too (we were in row 7 on the floor!), but i DROPPED it in my parking garage that morning. Where should I take it to get repaired/checked!?! AHH! great pictures, the lighting was nuts, but it made for such a fun time. YAY Mavvies!

    By Blogger Mindee, At June 17, 2011 at 9:13:00 AM CDT  

  • HOW FUN. We were so excited to see Dallas win the Championship. My husband is a big fan of Dirk. Glad you guys got to be a part of this! Such a fun event in Sports History.

    By Blogger Courtney K., At June 17, 2011 at 11:14:00 AM CDT  

  • That looks like such a fun experience. Very cool.

    And you're pictures are quite good considering the difficult conditions!

    Marla @

    By Anonymous Marla, At June 18, 2011 at 6:01:00 PM CDT  

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