Meagan Musing: Father's Day Weekend

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Father's Day Weekend

We spent a big chunk of this insanely hot Father's Day weekend in the pool, and I'm so glad. Otherwise we would have been trapped inside because it's seriously brutal out there. It's been over 100 degrees for the last seven days and I'm ready for it to cool off a bit. Even 90 degrees sounds good right now. :)

But the pool was nice and cool and perfect. And it gave Andrew a chance to practice his swimming skills.


He's like a fish! He was in the pool for at least three hours yesterday afternoon and then another two this morning. We had to convince him to get out to eat or he would have stayed in even longer.



Another beautiful sunset out at my parents' place; they get to see this every night.


A few clouds rolled in on Saturday and we thought we might be lucky enough to get some rain, but it just made for a really pretty sunset.

I wanted to work on my silhouette shots so Kelsey and Matt volunteered to be my subjects. :)


Aren't they cute? I still have a lot to learn though. I think I should have gotten down a little lower and moved them to the right, closer to the sun.

Oh well, I'll get another chance this summer and they didn't seem to mind the modeling work.

Did you see Brian in the first photo up there? He's the best at swimming and playing with Andrew. He's so sweet and patient with him. I knew he'd be a great dad even before Andrew got here, but I'm honestly amazed at how good he really is. He's so busy with school and work, but if he has a moment of free time you can bet he's here, playing in the backyard or doing bath time.

I couldn't be happier with the dad he is. I'm so looking forward to seeing him with our little girl later this summer.

My dad, Andrew's Papa Jack, has jumped right in to his grandfather roll. He's so much fun with his grandsons and loves to spend time with them. Andrew just adores him, and I think it's the greatest thing to watch them together.

We lost Brian's dad over four years ago, but I know he, too, would have been an amazing Granddad. I hate that he'll never get to know Andrew and this baby girl, but he sure would have been happy being their grandfather. And we'll get to tell them all about him.

Brian and I have been so blessed by our dads and our grandfathers. I love that we get this special day to celebrate them.

I hope you had a great day celebrating all the great dads in your life!

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