Meagan Musing: Picture Color Week 2 & 33 Weeks

Meagan Musing


Picture Color Week 2 & 33 Weeks

I've done a pretty good job of staying on top of my Picture Color assignments and I'm so proud of myself. When I did Picture Holidays I fell behind and had a really hard time catching up.

But so far, so good this time.

Here are my Week 2 shots - June 6-10:

{White on White}


WEB_IMG_5932_Edit1{Exclamation Mark}



And...I'm 33 weeks along today.


Seven short weeks left. I had a great doctors appointment on Monday and I'm still feeling okay, but I'm definitely on the downward side. My back is starting to ache which is a big bummer. And I'm having some serious round ligament pain at night when I lay down. I couldn't figure out what was going on at first, but my doctor assured me it was just the muscles stretching.

They're these sharp pains that feel like leg cramps on both sides of my belly. So painful.

I never had anything like it with Andrew, and I'm not a fan. But at least the pains only come at night and I can usually walk it out after just a few minutes.

But it'll all be worth it. I'm getting so excited to meet her. I hope she looks like Andrew.

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