Meagan Musing: Our Week

Meagan Musing


Our Week

Andrew's summer Mother's Day Out program started this week. He was a little unsure about going back to school on Tuesday, but there were no tears and he walked right in and got to playing with the other kids.


We're back in the same program we were in last year, and he even has the same teacher. She is so sweet with the kids and Andrew loves all the activities. I'm happy that he's happy and I get a little bit of a break. It's a win-win.


Last school year his class napped in cribs, but starting this summer they moved up to napmats. I ordered this cute napmat on Etsy, but it didn't get here in time for school to start.

Cue bad mama moment. I've felt guilty about it all week, but the school had an extra for him to borrow and he slept on his monkey blanket and his loaner napmat both days this week so I guess he wasn't too traumatized.


We went to run errands this afternoon after MDO and I got hot - like oh my gosh, I'm going to rip all my clothes off and lay down on the tile floor - hot. We got home and had just enough time to change and get to swimming lessons, but I just couldn't motivate myself to get up and get ready.

We were late, but we still made it and Andrew had a blast. He kept sticking his whole face under water just for the fun of it. He's so silly.


One of the things I struggle with the most as a mother is finding a balance between teaching/guiding, and still letting him be a two year old and have fun.

Sometime I'd like to elaborate on that a little more, but for now I'll just say that this week I've been trying to lean more toward the fun end, and I think maybe it's made things a little easier around here.


(I'm linking up this last shot with two great photo challenges - you should check out the other entries!)

Happy Friday everyone!

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