Meagan Musing: A Little Dirty

Meagan Musing


A Little Dirty

It is so late. I really, really need to go to bed. Andrew will be up and at 'em early, but I just watched my Mavericks win game five of the finals and it'll take me a little while to settle down enough to sleep.

This series has been amazing. We went to game four on Tuesday and I've never seen anything like it. The energy, the highs and lows, the cheering, the high fives with strangers. What an awesome experience.

This little guy went to the dentist today. His teeth look great.


He did so well. The hygienist said "Oh, you must have such an easy time brushing his teeth. You won't have any problems flossing." HaHaHaHa!


He was perfect for them today, but when it was time for us to brush tonight we were right back to the regular routine of grabbing the brush and insisting that it's his turn again, even though his turn was very long and mine was about 10 seconds.


We're well into the "My do it!" stage and I've decided it takes lots and lots of patience to make it through.


He threw some epic fits today. Our current struggle is getting in his car seat. About every third time he insists that he needs to climb up in to the seat himself. But he doesn't do that. He escapes and tries to get in the front seat so that he can drive.

He thinks he's a grown up.


His little sister is so very active. She keeps reminding me with solid jabs to the ribs that very soon I'll be struggling to get Andrew in his seat while toting her around too.

You know, I may just not ever leave the house again.


I feel so blessed to have this amazing, spirited child in my life, and I honestly couldn't be happier. But some days are just a little dirtier than others.

Especially days with no naps.

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