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You Capture - Flowers

I think I've made it known how much I love hydrangeas, but sadly I don't think I could ever grow my own. I have a great talent for killing plants, which makes Brian so sad.

Years ago he gave me a potted plant and said it was representative of our love and all I had to do was keep it alive. Hahaha! I knew he was joking, but it was kind of sad when it died before the end of the month.

But my parents' yard is full of beautiful flowers and trees and they almost never lose any of them.

So I have lots of opportunities to shoot flowers out at their place. All the rewards and none of the work, right? I love living close by my parents.


I shot all of these with my Canon 100 f/2.8L and I couldn't believe the color!

This is a SOOC shot:


Seriously amazing.





I want to work on using this lens more for portraits, but it's a little slow to focus. I think I just need to practice, practice, practice with it.

Check out more great flower shots at I Should Be Folding Laundry.




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