Meagan Musing: Picture Color Week 1

Meagan Musing


Picture Color Week 1


I've been without Internet for almost 24 hours, but now it's back, and I have access to the online world again. Access, glorious access. I did have my iPad and my iPhone with 3G service, so I wasn't completely without contact, but it was close.

And I have to tell you why our Internet, TV and phone service went out: squirrels. Yep, squirrels chewed through the line in our alley. Awesome. Foiled by nature.

I signed up for Tracey Clark's Picture Color class this month. Every day in June I'll receive an email with an inspirational prompt for a colorful photograph.

I took her Picture Holidays class back in December, and really enjoyed it. And I took a picture almost every day, which is surprisingly hard for me to do.

I like having the inspiration to photograph something besides Andrew. I love my photos of him so much, that it's hard for me to branch out and this helps me do that. If you're interested there is still time to sign up. Let me know if you decide to join me!

So I'll be sharing my Picture Color photos here.

These are from the first week:

My cute polaroid frames are from Pugly Pixel. She has so many pretty overlays for blogs. You should check them out.

I'm off to read the Internet. It's good to have it back! :)

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