Meagan Musing: Last Day of School

Meagan Musing


Last Day of School

Today was Andrew's last day of Mother's Day Out. We've both loved it so much. They do such fun activities and they get to paint in almost every class. Andrew loves that part. I think it's been so good for him to play with other kids and learn to listen to his teachers.

Sigh. He's growing up so fast.

Here are photos from the day Andrew was supposed to start school last August. He was sick that whole week so we just pretended like school started a week later. :)




He was barely talking and was right in the middle of the worst climbing streak. I remember I couldn't keep him on the floor for anything. On the first day of MDO I warned his teacher to watch out, that he was fast and sneaky. She confirmed this at the end of that first day.

And here is a photo from today, his last day of school.


My big boy, looking forward to summer.

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