Meagan Musing: 28 Weeks

Meagan Musing


28 Weeks


I'm 28 weeks today!

I had a great doctors appointment on Monday except that I had to drink the orange glucose drink. Ugh...I really don't like that stuff. I had a stomachache the rest of the day.

I realized recently that the only thing I have bought for this baby is dresses. Which is awesome because they are so pretty, but she might need some pajamas.

Or a pink car seat cover, or even a new, pink Boppy cover.

I know I have most of the big stuff left from Andrew's babyhood like the swing, the car seat, a bathtub and a stroller, but I don't have any pacifiers or socks or tiny newborn diapers.

I need to make a serious list.

I see a big trip to Buy Buy Baby in my near future.

I know I blogged some about how I was still nursing Andrew as a toddler but I never did an official we are done and fully weaned now post. He finally weaned at 22 months. We were down to just one or two sessions a day and at the end he was perfectly happy to be finished. I was already about 2 months pregnant with the new baby and felt like it was just time. It was certainly bittersweet though.

I loved my breastfeeding relationship with Andrew so much, and I'm already hoping and praying that this new baby girl and I are just as successful.

But I remember those first few weeks and how hard it was and how much time it takes and I get worried. What in the world will I do with Andrew during all that nursing time? Will she have a good latch? Will my milk take five or six days to fully come in again? Will Andrew and I know every single song on Nick Jr. by heart?

As she gets closer and closer to a reality so do all these questions.

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  • Beautiful self portrait! My two boys were 25 months apart and I do remember it being tough at first, but we survived! They are 13 and 15 now and much more low maintenance!

    By Blogger deb duty, At May 17, 2011 at 7:54:00 PM CDT  

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