Meagan Musing: 29 Weeks and Nursery Progress

Meagan Musing


29 Weeks and Nursery Progress's flying by!


I'm still feeling good, but my feet and legs are really tired at the end of the day. I think though, that if that's my biggest complaint, I'm doing pretty well so far.

I'm planning to update y'all on the nursery soon, but we've made very little progress. The chair rail is up and the room is painted. My bedding from Pottery Barn, The Lily nursery set, is on back order until early June.

I still have to pick out fabric for drapes and a glider chair.

I have three prints in this set from Etsy:

But the white frames I ordered for them shipped incorrectly and now I have to send them back and wait for the right ones.

Brian did hang our little chandelier this weekend and it's so pretty. But he needs to install a dimmer because five little 40 watt bulbs put out a lot more light than I thought they would.

So, I will hopefully have an update for you soon after some of these little things get taken care of. I'm so anxious to get it finished!

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