Meagan Musing: Christmas Lights

Meagan Musing


Christmas Lights

Andrew got to help Brian put up our Christmas lights last weekend and he had so much fun!


Ha! He really just wanted to climb the ladder. Which was fine while Brian was still up there blocking his way, but it got a little scary when he could climb all the way up.

This kid is not scared of heights, that's for sure.





And then he was off.

He's just crazy about all things Santa and Christmas. We pulled in to the parking lot at Gymboree last week and they had big Christmas ribbons up on the lights in the parking lot. As soon as Andrew saw them he said, "Christmas!". I can't wait to see his reaction when we take him driving around to look at lights.

I so wish that I could give y'all a positive update on my Christmas shopping, but unfortunately I still only have maybe five presents. I have no idea why I'm putting this off so much, but I think I may be in trouble.

I have been really good about taking a picture everyday for my Big Picture Picture the Holidays class though. Maybe I could give people pictures for Christmas? :) (Don't worry family, you will get a real present.)

I'm planning to make a collage of my first week of pictures and I'll share it with y'all when it's ready.

But first, I promise to buy one Christmas present.

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