Meagan Musing: 20 Months

Meagan Musing


20 Months

Y'all, my baby is 20 months old! How did that happen??


I was telling a mom friend of mine today that I love this age so much. Andrew is talking more and more, making it much easier for us to figure out what he wants or needs, and he's very sure of what it is he wants these days.

He's getting more independent, walking in to the pantry to pick out his snack when he's hungry, saying "sleepy" when he's ready for a nap. And saying "outside" about 30 times a day to tell us he's ready to go out to play.


I let him watch Mickey's Clubhouse for the first time last week, and he's now obsessed with Mickey Mouse. "Mickey, Mickey?" all day long. Sorry Gabba, I think you've been replaced.

(But we have tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live next month so hopefully he still has some love for them.)

He's still an awesome sleeper. The time change didn't even affect him too much. He usually sleeps from about 8:30 to 7:30 or 8:00. Awesome. And he naps about two hours in the afternoon.

His favorite toys are his blocks and books. He loves to build tall towers with his blocks and he likes to point out everything in his books. He also still likes anything with buttons like his Elmo remote.


He loves an audience. Matt and Kelsey and baby Reid came over to watch the Cowboys win(!!) on Sunday and Andrew was in heaven! All those people ready to watch him cheer and dance. He's quite the performer.

At Gymboree he's the kid dancing on top of the tallest activity center and looking around to make sure people are watching him. I think he's a people person. :)


I want to remember absolutely everything about him at this age, but he's growing up so fast. Slow down just a little bit, okay Andrew?

Sweet Shot Day

I'm linking up to Sweet Shot Tuesdays at I know I've mentioned this before but Darcy's site is full of awesome photography tips and tutorials. And she's super nice, too! Check out her site for more Sweet Shots.

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  • I know exactly what you mean. Despite Eli's expanding independence creating some problems, I feel like this is the golden age. I really love where we're at right now. I wish I could put a little bit of it away in a box and come back to it some day when he's grown up.

    By Blogger Megan, At November 16, 2010 at 3:45:00 PM CST  

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