Meagan Musing: Thanksgiving Goodies

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Thanksgiving Goodies

We've got fun Thanksgiving stuff planned this week. I'm doing a little cooking, but not the whole meal or anything. I know I'm not ready for all that responsibility yet. :)

But I am making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, chex-mix and a broccoli salad. Thanksgiving just calls for chex-mix. Mom always made a batch of it to snack on in the car on the way to Nana and Pop's house. I don't think we ever had a batch make it through the full four hour drive. Yum.

So we had this beautiful fall-like weather all last week and then it got warmer on Saturday and today it was 82 degrees. What? This drives me crazy about Dallas weather, but I guess we should be used to it.

Here are some shots from last week when it was still chilly enough to wear a sweater:



These mums are on our back patio. I've really been enjoying the color back there. Do mums make it through the winter or just the fall in Dallas?



Andrew loves his wagon. He begs to go for a ride in the front yard, but then he tries to jump out so he can run away and look at stuff in people's yards. He's sneaky like that.

Anyway, it's supposed to cool off again here later this week and I'm glad. It should feel like fall on Thanksgiving Day I think.

I hope you all have a chance to relax, refresh and enjoy every bit of your holiday week!

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