Meagan Musing: Sweet, Sweet baby Reid

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Sweet, Sweet baby Reid

I'm finally sharing some of the photos from my newborn shoot with my nephew Reid!

We took these when he was six days old. He's 22 days old now, so he already seems much bigger. I'm so glad we were able to do these when he was still really little and super sleepy.



Kelsey found all his adorable hats and the little sack on Etsy.


This one makes me want to pick him up and squeeze him.


I had so much fun doing these. I learned a ton, and I'm glad my first newborn shoot was of Kelsey's baby. It kind of took the pressure off, knowing that if they were terrible I could always re-do them.

I'm really happy with the whole set. :)


So, remember when I said I was going to post about thankfulness on every post in November? Well, I failed on only my second November post. I'll try to make up for it here:

3. I'm thankful for my flexible work schedule. I've been working for my family since I left my old job back in the summer of 2008. I love that I'm able to work part-time doing work I enjoy while also being able to spend tons of quality time with Andrew. It's a good balance for me and our family.

4. I'm thankful for convenience foods at the grocery store. I love that I can buy cantaloupe all chopped and ready to eat. I love that cheese comes in little bite-size, individually wrapped packages. I love buying a whole roasted chicken for $4. It's these little things that make my life that much easier.

5. I'm thankful for our backyard. We had some landscaping done this summer and now we have a pretty, peaceful place to hang out outside. And there is nothing Andrew likes more than being outside.

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