Meagan Musing: Fun with Friends

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Fun with Friends

We got together with some of our favorite friends on Sunday afternoon.

Years ago we wanted to start a dinner group, but the husbands didn't think we should call it a dinner group so we started Fight Club. We met pretty regularly for a few years and then we all had babies and switched jobs and moved across town and it got harder to see each other.

So it was wonderful to get all of us and the five(!) kiddos together this weekend.




It was fun to see Andrew and Alex play together. It was the first time I've seen him really interact and play with another toddler.

They ran laps through the house. Alex would say, "Come on Andrew!", and off they'd go. Alex is about to be a big sister and she's going to be so good at it.

Today was beautiful so we spent lots of time in the back yard looking for sticks.

WEB_IMG_0993 WEB_IMG_0996_Edit1

Oh, boys will be boys.

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