Meagan Musing: Happy Halloween!

Meagan Musing


Happy Halloween!

I showed y'all a little sneak peak of our photo shoot at the Arboretum a few weeks ago and here are the rest of my shots.

I just love his costume this year! And he doesn't mind wearing the ears on his head. The first time I put it on him we looked in the mirror and he said, "doggy!". Now if he spots it out in the house he'll grab it and try to put it on.



I think he knows he looks cute.


WEB_IMG_0606_Edit1 WEB_IMG_0605_Edit1

He loves pumpkins! He calls them "punkies". It's sweet.


They've played with pumpkins a lot at MDO this fall so he's an expert now. He can spot a pumpkin across a room.

We're going to the "Trunk or Treat" party at church tomorrow evening, and I'm really looking forward to it. I need to practice with him saying "trick or treat!". He's good at the treat part because he likes to give Fenway treats, but I'm not so sure about the trick part.

I hope you all have fun holiday weekends planned!

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  • So cute, Meagan! It brings back memories of my daughter's favorite Snow White costume that we bought her in Disney World. She wore that thing out.

    On another note, I'm just getting ready to watch Game 3 as you probably are too. What is going on with our teams?? C'mon Rangers, beat them Giants!!

    By Blogger Coneflower Ranch, At October 30, 2010 at 5:56:00 PM CDT  

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