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These short weeks are totally throwing me off. We didn't get home from Vegas until late Monday last week and then this week we were out at the lake for the 4th and got home late in the day again.

So I've been busy trying to get caught up on laundry, grocery shopping and even some work, too.

Have I talked about Andrew's great climbing skills yet? My child is nuts! His new trick is to push our kitchen table chairs over to the bar stool, climb up on to the bar stool and then up on to the bar to play with everything by or in the kitchen sink. That sounds super safe, doesn't it?

So I swear I spend half my day putting Andrew back down on the floor. It makes it a little hard to get stuff done. But he's so adorable it's totally worth it.

I also decided to start a 365 Project on July 1 - so it's really a 182 Project. The idea is to commit to take at least one photo a day. I'm hoping this will help me with my composition and creativity which I think are my two biggest photography weaknesses.

It's hard to be an excellent photographer when you're not very artistic!

So watch my Flickr stream over on my sidebar for my project photos. They'll be labeled with their day.

Here are some darling 4th of July photos because it's been way too long since I posted Andrew pictures:

 I think this one is my absolute fave from the day.  We gave him two flags to play with, but he was not satisfied and grabbed the extras out of the flower beds. 

Hope y'all are having a fun week!

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