Meagan Musing: No Fear

Meagan Musing


No Fear

So apparently I should spend more time blogging and less time watching silly summer TV. But this season of Top Chef has been so fun! And have y'all seen that new show that comes on afterward, Work of Art? It is awesome!

We've been staying busy (mostly) inside this week. But we did meet some friends at a little petting zoo on Tuesday. We went early so we'd avoid the hottest part of the day, but it was still pretty toasty. We had a good time anyway.

We got to feed the goats and quack with the ducks.


And Andrew took his first hay ride!




But mostly he just played with goats. There was a baby goat who could fit his head through the fence and Andrew thought that was hysterical. He kept grabbing his little baby horns. No fear in that kid :) worries me just a little.


Andrew is learning about hot and cold. He puts his hands on his arms and says "Brrrr" for cold and waves his hand in front of his mouth and says "ha" for hot.

But sometimes he gets them mixed up. So when he gets in to the 100 degree car or the warm bathtub he'll say "Brrrr" and squeeze his arms.

It cracks me up every time.

He's also more obsessed than ever with Yo Gabba Gabba. Anytime he sees a TV remote he says "Gabba Gabba?". It's a little more garbled than that - he's still not much of a clear talker, but it's very obvious what he's asking for.

And the climbing - oh the climbing! I'm pretty sure the climbing is what I'll remember most out of these months. I just hope he gets a little more cautious soon. I found him walking on my kitchen bar the other day. On top of the bar!

We pray for safety every day. :)

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