Meagan Musing: It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Meagan Musing


It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Most months out of the year I am thrilled to live in Dallas.  July is not one of those months.  It is just so hot here, and we're stuck in this weird hot and humid weather pattern.  Usually in July it's just hot, but this year it's like we've moved to Houston.

So Andrew and I haven't gotten outside to play very much recently.  I should get us out of the house first thing in the morning, but I really like to get up and shower before Andrew's out of bed, and once I've showered there's no way I'm going to go spend time outside because then I'd need to shower again.  Way to sacrifice for my child, huh?


Here he says, "Hey Mom, I really want to go play in the water hose! Why haven't you bought me a kiddie pool yet?? I don't think it's that hot and miserable outside!".



Hope y'all are staying cool-ish!

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