Meagan Musing: Helping Mama Clean

Meagan Musing


Helping Mama Clean

I had to get the vacuum out the other day to clean up a snack mess in the den, and then yesterday I let Andrew play with my measuring cups and some cornmeal in the kitchen. I mistakenly thought the activity would keep him occupied for a few minutes, but he was quickly on his way to something else, leaving a big mess behind.

So I got out the vacuum again. And Andrew would not leave it alone! He likes to push all the buttons and he kept grabbing the hose. He was so sad when I put it away, and then I remembered that I had a new vacuum toy that I'd stashed away for a rainy day.


It even makes the little whirrring noise like the real thing.

He was pushing it around the kitchen when I heard him dump Fenway's food out on the floor. Andrew's gotten really good about leaving Fenway's bowls alone so I was surprised he was messing with it.

I went over and Andrew was trying to vacuum up the food with his toy vacuum cleaner! It was one of the cutest things I've seen him do. He was a little annoyed that the food was still there so I helped him put it back in the bowl and he seemed to think that worked just as well.

So now he has a vacuum and a little broom. I think I'm going to put him to work!

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