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Dear Andrew,

You have been one for a week now. Wow! Your birthday week was a whirlwind, but it was so fun.

You had such a good time at your little birthday party. You love being the center of attention! I hope you're always ready to light up a room.

You are so busy and full of energy at one. (I don't think that's going to change any time soon!) We have to get out of the house and do something every day or we both go a little stir crazy.

You've transitioned to only one nap a day over the last few months and that means I really need to get you out to do something in the morning before lunch. This is a big change for us because we used to not really go anywhere until after your morning nap.

But we're both liking it. It's a good routine.

You're an excellent eater. You like blueberries, crackers, turkey, chicken, green peas, brown rice, waffles, peanut butter, apples, grapes, sweet potatoes, carrots, rice cakes, avocados. Really, you'll try anything I give you. Sometimes you're in a mood and just throw it off your tray for Fenway, but usually you'll eat it. I hope your good eating habits continue!

You're still nursing three or four times a day. I don't think either of us are quite ready to wean yet so we'll keep it up. I keep watching for signs from you that you're ready, but you haven't slowed down a bit. I figure it helps keep you pretty healthy, and it'll be so good for you in the long run that I'm not going to worry about trying to quit before you're ready.

You're growing like crazy! We went to your 12-month doctor appointment last week and you weigh 22 lbs, 13 oz and are 29.25 inches tall. You're still in the 50th percentile for weight and you jumped up to the 50th percentile for height. Yay! I was so proud!

Gymboree is currently your absolute favorite activity. You'd go every day if I'd take you. You love to run around the mats, crawl through the tunnels, throw the balls around and sing the songs. Have I mentioned how busy you are? :)

You say a few words - Dada, dog, ball and bye are your favorites. But you will NOT say Mama, at all in any way. You know who I am, but you're not interested in calling me by name. But when you see a dog, whether on TV, walking down the street or in a book you immediately point and say "dog." You've got that one figured out!

You do the signs for eat, more and all done but we kind of dropped the ball on the sign language. I love it when you sign all done though. You put your whole body in to that little arm wave.

Oh, I could go on and on about what an amazing little boy you are! You have brought such joy to your dad and me and to our whole family. What did we do without you? We all love you so much.

Thank you for making me your mama. I'm so, so blessed to have you in my life.

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