Meagan Musing: 3 Weeks Already

Meagan Musing


3 Weeks Already

Yesterday was hard. My happy, content baby decided he wanted to be held and not sleep all day long. If he wasn't being held he was crying hard and loudly. It made me sad. I really hope it wasn't a sign of things to come.

Brian got home from work and rocked Andrew to sleep letting me go ahead and head to bed early. So I got some sleep, it just wasn't consecutive sleep. Andrew woke up crying and fussing again early this morning, and I was afraid it was going to be another bad day. But he's currently sleeping in his swing and has been for 30 minutes.

That's longer than he slept for me all day yesterday combined!

If his happy mood keeps up I want to go to the cute little baby store by our house this afternoon to buy a baby sling. I have a Moby wrap, but it's really confusing to put on, and I think I need to start out with something a little easier to maneuver.

I had to go to the office yesterday to make copies of all our tax stuff to send to the accountant. I carried Andrew in in his car seat, and oh my goodness that thing is heavy! I'd much rather carry him around in a sling both at home and out and about. I think my back will thank me later.

I'm off to try to get some stuff done before the little guy wakes up again. Here's hoping today is better than yesterday!



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