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Andrew Thomas

Andrew arrived last Monday at 5:05PM, and it's taken me this long to get on here and blog about it. Sorry about the delay, but I've been busy staring at this cute face.

Andrew is such a wonderful baby, and we're loving having him at home with us! He was over a week late, and I ended up needing a c-section so my recovery has been a little slower than I'd planned. Mom was here with us this week since Brian had to go back to work, and my mother-in-law is here with us now through the weekend.

Mom was just wonderfully helpful, and I can't thank her enough for all she did for us. I haven't had to do a load of baby laundry since I got home! And now Janet is picking up right where she left off. I'm so grateful for all the help.

Fenway has been very interested in Andrew. I think he's going to be very protective of him. The first night we were home Mom was in the kitchen and Brian and I had just sat down to eat dinner when Andrew let out a little cry in his pack 'n' play. Fenway went running in to check on him and then straight to the kitchen to get our attention. He wanted to make sure someone was going to take care of the baby!

I'm just loving being this little boy's mom! I feel blessed beyond all I could imagine.



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