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Baby Boy Nursery

I've had a bit of free time on my hands this week. I was sure I'd have a newborn to take care of by now, but since I don't I just keep wandering into the nursery and looking around. This room that only a few months ago was filled with old furniture, textbooks, guitar equipment and Christmas decorations is now ready for our little boy.

The crib

Bedding detail - it's sailboats, hot air balloons and airplanes.

This red chair actually goes back in our bedroom. It's a space holder while we wait for our blue and white glider and ottoman. It's on its way from Canada and is taking forever. I'm thinking our little boy must know that his chair isn't here yet so he's waiting it out. :)

Changing table and shelves. Brian worked very hard hanging those shelves.

Baby's first Red Sox bear - it's all about the important things.

I love peeking in his closet and going through all those adorable blue onesies.

We are planning to hang his name in cute letters over the crib once we've met him and decided on one. (I thought I was all set on a name, and then I think I may have changed my mind today. We're just going to have to wait until we see him to decided for sure.)

I'm waiting on the blue chair to arrive to pick out curtains since the fabrics will be so close to each other. And other than that, we're all finished with the nursery.

And here is my 40 weeks, 4 days belly picture. I'm wearing what Brian calls my Pregnant Ninja outfit. It's been my uniform the last 2 weeks, and no, I won't be sad to see it go soon.

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers as we wait for our little boy. We'll be sure to update (with pictures! and a name!) as soon as he decides to make his appearance.



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