Meagan Musing: Busy Week

Meagan Musing


Busy Week

It has been such a busy week. Brian and I finally joined our church on Sunday! We'd been visiting HPUMC ever since we moved to this part of town almost three years ago, so it was definitely time for us to commit.

Mom, Dad and Nana came to watch us join, and afterward we all went to one of our favorite restaurants for brunch to celebrate Brian's birthday a little early. We all came back to our place to open presents and have cake, and then I pretty much sat on the sofa and watched TV and played Sudoku for the rest of the afternoon. It was wonderful. Brian worked in the garage and took the dog with him so I didn't even have to share my space. :)

Tuesday was Brian's birthday, and we went out to an excellent dinner just the two of us. I kept thinking that it was one of the last times we'd be able to do that so easily for quite a while! He opened presents, and we had leftover cake that was still really good. Yum.

Wednesday was a most beautiful day so Kelsey and I went to Ozona's for lunch and sat on the patio to enjoy the weather. We had tickets to the Mavs game that night and Matt couldn't make it so Nana came in to town and used his ticket. It was a great game and the Mavs won again. And Nana ordered a beer. I think that was my favorite part.

The AAC usher by our seats has watched me get bigger and bigger throughout this season. Last night she asked me how much longer I had before the baby came, and I told her two and a half weeks. She was so surprised I was at the game, but what should I do? Just sit at home and wait for two weeks? I'll go crazy!

I had another doctors appointment today, and I still haven't dilated at all. But I've thinned out more, so that's progress. I treated myself to a wonderful massage at a spa in our neighborhood this afternoon, and now I'm going to take a nap while I wait for Brian to get home.

Naps are getting more and more important these days. :)

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  • Meagan -- Still time for ONE MORE dinner before whatizname gets here. One of our employees, Benito Trejo, recently stumbled across El Ranchito on Jefferson. (Across from The Fiesta?) Swears it is the best Mexican food in Dallas.

    By Anonymous Bill, At February 26, 2009 at 10:36:00 AM CST  

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