Meagan Musing: It's Time

Meagan Musing


It's Time

It looks like our baby is not going to make an appearance on his own any time soon, so we've decided to go ahead and induce labor.

Brian and I will head to the hospital tonight at 5PM to get things going, and then our little boy should be here sometime tomorrow depending on how things progress.

I'm a little disappointed we're having to go this route, but I'm so ready to meet our baby, and the end result will be the same no matter what - he'll finally be in our arms!

We scheduled this on Friday morning so I've had all weekend to continue to try to get labor started on my own. Kelsey was sweet enough to walk the mall with me Friday afternoon.

Then Brian decided to make the famous for sending women into labor Scalini's eggplant parmigiana for dinner. It took a little longer than planned, and he made enough to feed about 30 people. He used six jars of marinara sauce! I really wish I'd gotten pictures of the kitchen. It was such a disaster; it took him hours to clean up, but I was so grateful. We now have two almost full baking dishes of eggplant parm in the refrigerator. At least we'll have something to feed our visitors. :)

Brian volunteered to walk the mall with me yesterday. We were there for about three hours and stopped only to have spicy Mexican food for lunch. I was exhausted, but we decided to head to Matt and Kelsey's big St. Patty's Day party that afternoon anyway. We walked there and back.

Basically, if I were going to walk this baby out it would have happened this weekend, but no luck.

So I have some last minute stuff to finish up around the house, and then we're off to have our baby!

I appreciate all your prayers for a safe and fast delivery!



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