Meagan Musing: Baby Status

Meagan Musing


Baby Status

Well I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and unfortunately I haven't made a bit of progress since last week. He didn't give me any kind of a guesstimate on when this baby might arrive, but he did say he'd see me next week, so it looks like this weekend it out.

Which is a shame really. I'm so ready to meet our little guy! and pick out a name! and not be pregnant!

I have some things I'd like to get done before he arrives though. In that spirit, here's another list:

  • Get my car washed and detailed
  • Finish addressing all my baby announcement envelopes
  • Watch our CPR video - Brian made me promise we'd do this tonight. Our Friday nights are so exciting these days.
  • Clean out my dish pantry to make room in the kitchen for baby bottles and such
  • Clean out my freezer
  • Go on a date with Brian

Happy Friday everyone!



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