Meagan Musing: Weekend Update

Meagan Musing


Weekend Update

Brian brought home Chick-fil-a for dinner Friday night, and we spent the evening watching DVR'd episodes of Top Chef and Burn Notice. I went to bed early and Brian stayed up to play Wii Ski which is his favorite new pastime.

Brian found out months ago that I'd never seen any of The Godfather movies and neither had Matt or Kelsey. Judging by Brian's reaction you'd assume we had never even turned on the TV, growing up in the dark ages. So to rectify this great wrong we planned a Godfather marathon weekend to watch all three movies in a two day time span before the baby comes.

It's hard to watch three movies in a weekend, but we did get started Saturday afternoon. Matt and Kelsey came over just in time for the sun to shine directly on our TV screen. We had to stop the movie and play Wii Ski for a bit so the sun could move on and leave our TV alone. So by the time we got started we only had time for the first movie which was enough for one day anyway; it's a three hour movie.

I feel much more cultured now that I can say I've seen The Godfather. And now I know that Al Pacino was once a handsome man, and he didn't always talk like a crazy old man. Hopefully we can get the other two movies in in the next few weeks.

After church Sunday I told Brian I was either going to get a pedicure or clean out the pantry. Unfortunately I ended up cleaning out the pantry. It was a huge project, but it looks so much better, and there's not a bit of food left from 2006. I'm hopeful that completing this project means that my nesting instinct will start kicking in soon.

(As a side note - Mom cleaned out her pantry in Tulsa about a year ago and found food from the late 90's! How nasty is that?)

And then we settled in to watch the Super Bowl. I think it was the first time ever that I've just sat at home and watched the game, but it was great. We were able to really watch the game and all the commercials. We were a little behind, and I kept wanting to fast forward through the commercials to get to the end of the game, but I held out and we sat through that crazy game in real time. Poor Kurt Warner and the Cardinals.

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