Meagan Musing: Did you know South Carolina is more humid than Dallas?

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Did you know South Carolina is more humid than Dallas?

Last week Brian and I headed to South Carolina for our friends' wedding. We went a day early so that we could spend some time in Charleston as neither of us had ever been and we needed to fly into that airport anyway.

It is a beautiful, extremely old and humid city.

We had an excellent dinner at 82 Queen Thursday night and then Friday morning we were up at 7AM to have breakfast with our friend Kelli before she went to work in downtown Charleston. Does that tell you how much I love Kelli? I got up at 7AM while on vacation. It was a first for both of us.

We headed out to Myrtle Beach that afternoon and stopped for another great meal on the way. They seafood was just so good! We each had a cup of crab, tomato and jalapeno soup and, really, I could have had two bowls and called it a meal except for the fact that my heart was trying to claw its way out of my chest. Oh, the joys of heartburn. But the soup was totally worth it.

We spent the weekend catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones. The ceremony was on the lawn right by the water.

Matt was an excellent groomsman. He's had lots of practice this summer, and I think he's got the seating the guests job down pat now.

There was a great band, but I have to say, it's really hard to dance without a glass of wine or two. Brian was disappointed, but I thought I was a trooper. I danced twice and we stayed until 11PM - six hours of wedding celebration!

When we got home I saw a few pictures of myself from the weekend. I immediately went out and bought maternity pants. Wow - it was time.

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