Meagan Musing: Winter!

Meagan Musing



Congrats to my friend Emily and her family on the arrival of their not-so-little girl Harper! She is 9lbs 5oz and is doing well as is mom.

We had snow flakes here last night. I couldn't believe it. It was cold and cloudy when I left work at 6:00, but it was dry. I heard what I thought was rain once I got home, but it was dark out, and I didn't go outside to check. So when Brian got home I peaked out and there were big white fluffy flakes falling. They were so pretty and didn't stick to anything. My favorite kind of snow!

And now it's just really cold. We get so spoiled here that temperatures in the 20s always surprise me. We had our A/C running on Monday. I don't even have a coat that buttons over my belly.

I finally broke down and bought a Snoogle body pillow yesterday. It was very comfortable, but made all the getting out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night a little tricky. But I figure anything that makes sleeping easier for me this last trimester is worth trying.


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