Meagan Musing: Only Six Weeks Left

Meagan Musing


Only Six Weeks Left

I stayed home from the office today waiting on a plumber and a furniture delivery guy. My day at home gave me the opportunity to get the nursery bedding put together. Who knew it was so hard to get that little bed skirt to stay in the right place under the mattress? I'm really happy we decided to go with the foam crib mattress. It was easy to lift up to put the sheet on since it's so light, but moving it around was what caused all the bed skirt problems. I'm sure I'll get really good at changing that sheet in no time!

So things are finally starting to come together in the nursery. I'm thrilled with it, even in its completely unfinished state.

I'm in the home stretch with this pregnancy. I think it's safe to say that I'm really, really pregnant now. I'm sure Brian wonders why his young wife has been replaced by an old lady who gets out of breath walking up the stairs and takes 10 minutes to move around and try to get comfortable just to take a nap on the sofa.

I just can't believe we only have six weeks left until we meet our little guy!



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