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I have made four trips to the mall, wrapped almost all our presents, baked many dozen cookies, and made it to two Christmas parties. I think I'm ready for Christmas to be here. It kind of snuck up on me this year, but I'm finished with the planning, and I'm ready to enjoy.

We're heading to Houston to see Brian's family early this week, and then coming back to the Dallas area to spend Christmas Day with my family. And next Monday we're off to the Caribbean! I can't wait to lie around in the sun and do nothing. It'll be a wonderful trip.

Brian and I went to a homemade Christmas ornament party on Saturday night. Basically, all the guests brought crafty ornaments for the hosts' tree and they gave out prizes for the most creative offering. We didn't win any prizes, but Brian did an excellent job on our wreath! I'm so glad he's semi-crafty because I'm not even close.

Here are a few picture updates on Baby S. He's just growing away and should be around 3 pounds by now. I had to drink my yucky glucose drink last week, and I haven't heard anything from the doctor's office yet, so I'm praying that's a good sign.

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

(before the ornament party)

I promise, the belly is so much bigger in real life. It gets in the way of all kinds of important things like sitting down and standing up and sleeping. But I'm so ready to meet this little guy; every minute of big belly will be completely worth it.


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