Meagan Musing: Are you ready for some Football?

Meagan Musing


Are you ready for some Football?

It's time for Fantasy Football again! I'm playing in the same league I played in last year - The Chuck Norris Experience. I have a lot to live up to since I came in 2nd place last time. I'm also playing in Brian's brother's league. I'm the only girl playing with a bunch of guys I don't know, and I'm really hoping I beat them all. Girl power!

Brian and I settled in to watch the NFL season opener last night and it was so exciting. Football season brings about new beginnings: kids go back to school, there are new styles in my favorite stores, and it's perfectly reasonable to sit and watch TV all weekend long again.

Matt and Kelsey are coming over to watch the Cowboys' game on Sunday. I'll be wearing my Tony Romo jersey and we might do a little grilling beforehand since I have 24 turkey dogs in my fridge. I also have real hot dogs for the guys, so I think we'll be eating hot dogs for the next 10 days anyway. I will admit it'll be a little sad to go through an entire football season without a single beer, but our baby is totally worth it so I won't complain (much!).

Hope all your favorite teams win this weekend as long as they're not playing the Cowboys!



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