Meagan Musing: Warning! We're Not Bird Friendly at Our House

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Warning! We're Not Bird Friendly at Our House

A few nights ago Brian let Fenway out in the backyard. He noticed Fenway made a beeline for a specific spot in the yard and started sniffing and rooting around in the grass.

Turns out there was a big, dead pigeon laying in the grass right by the house. Thankfully Fenway didn't seem too inclined to eat it or play with it so we were able to avoid the dead animal stench on our lovely, clean dog.

Even more thankfully, it was trash night. So Brian scooped up the nasty bird, bagged it and tossed it in the trashcan out back. The trash truck came the next day, the bird was gone, and I didn't give it another thought.

Fenway woke me up this morning at 6:45AM. This is an ungodly hour for a Saturday. Especially considering I had only put him to bed and gone to sleep at 2AM. Really, just because he sleeps all day doesn't mean I get to do the same thing.

I roll out of bed and pop my head out of the bedroom and yell down to Fenway that it's still nighttime, he needs to quit barking and go back to sleep. Please...I begged.

The sun was just barely peeking out through the clouds and I noticed this funny little pattern on the top window in the den. Because I was standing on the landing upstairs I was at just the right angle to notice the weird smudge, and it was perfectly pigeon shaped, wings out in flight.

(I know it's hard to make out, but I hope you can tell that there is a giant bird-shaped smudge right in the middle of that beautiful red circle I made with my mad Paint skills. )

I plan to keep the smudge there forever. I want it to remain as a warning to other pigeons who think it'll be fun to call our backyard home. They won't make it here. It's just too dangerous.



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