Meagan Musing: And the House was Full

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And the House was Full

Have I mentioned that my sister and Matt have a new dog? They brought home the cutest little Lab-mix puppy on Kelsey's birthday, and decided to name her Maverick. She's 12 weeks old and has the longest legs I've ever seen. If she were a person she would be a supermodel, I'm sure of it.

Brian and I will be watching her this weekend while Matt and Kels head off to a wedding. We introduced Fenway to his new cousin last week, but we thought maybe they should spend a little more time with each other before we threw them together for a whole weekend. So that, you know, they would have a chance to become friends first.

So Kels invited us all over for dinner last night. I said we'd love to come, but the American Idol finale would be on and so we, of course, had to watch. Which is funny, because they hadn't seen even one episode all season. I was so sorry they'd missed out.

They were nice enough to suffer through all the filler, and even laughed along with me as that crazy guy sang his "Friends Forever" song. I convinced everyone that David C. was by far the better Idol so they, too, cheered when we learned that the adults had prevailed and David Cook won (by 12 million votes! Way to go David C.!).

Kelsey made these really great little pizzas with bell peppers and a rotisserie chicken from Kroger. I'm definitely going to have to steal the idea because Brian and I both loved them, and they seemed pretty easy. We had fun conversation, and overall it was a great evening.

But wait, didn't I start this off with the new puppy Maverick?

Oh yes. How could I forget? The dogs played and barked and ran around the house all.night.long. We gave them treats to try to get them to behave while we ate dinner, but it was a bit futile. They stayed still and quite for maybe five minutes.

Maverick has learned to use her long legs and spent most of the evening trying to get Fenway's attention by smacking him in the face with them. Fenway wasn't thrilled over this. And he tends to get upset if another dog attempts to take a toy or a treat away from him. (We're working on sharing, but I don't have high hopes.) So Maverick would get close to his treat and he'd growl and snap at her which, of course, would scare her half to death and she'd collapse in a ball of legs.

The whole scene was just too funny. As Matt was picking up Mavs' poo from the rug in the front living room, Kelsey said to me "Just think what it'll be like when we have kids."

Oh, surely it'll be quieter, no? It's going to be a fun weekend.

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