Meagan Musing: Reunited Over Margaritas

Meagan Musing


Reunited Over Margaritas

Brian finally made it home yesterday. He was in Mexico for four days, which is a really long time to be away from home.

I left work early to pick him up at the airport and immediately noted that it was Cinco de Mayo and we positively HAD TO HAVE MEXICAN FOOD AND MARGARITAS! He reminded me that he had been eating real Mexican food from the real country of Mexico for the last four days.

But he loves me dearly and said "Of course we can have Gloria's." He'd actually already prepared himself for the inevitable.

We went super early to beat the crowd and had a great time catching up on the last few days. He went deep sea fishing and played lots of golf. And ate a lot of Mexican food. I watched the Kentucky Derby on TV and went to a wedding. So we had a lot to talk about.

We also made a stop to see my sister and her new birthday puppy, Maverick. Oh, she's so cute. She's ten weeks old which means she's still sleeping all the time; It's the calm before the puppy storm. And Brian didn't break out in itchy bumps, so that was some good news.

One more Mexican food dinner didn't make him break out in itchy bumps either.



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