Meagan Musing: Supper is Served

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Supper is Served

Brian and I have had such a nice weekend. However, it was so hot and humid yesterday I thought we might not make it to the summer months.

The actual temperature was only 92, (which is, believe it or not, hot for Dallas in May) but the heat index, that magical combination of heat and humidity, was 100. And poor Brian was working in the yard. I love that all my domestic, house-keeping jobs can be done inside.

I ran a million errands yesterday, but the one I'm most excited about was my trip to Super Suppers. I now have frozen pork tenderloin and pecan crusted chicken breasts in my freezer just waiting to save dinner some night this week.

I hadn't made an appointment, and I think there are only certain times that you can make your own meals with all the prepared ingredients, but they always have meals ready to Grab 'n' Go.

So last night when it was time to decide what to do for dinner, we went straight to the freezer to make one of the meals I'd bought earlier in the day, right?

Of course not.

I went to Kroger and bought halibut fillets and corn tortillas and pico - all the stuff you need to make fish tacos. And didn't they turn out pretty?

Brian had such a great time cooking them. (I apologize for my very crooked camera work here. I guess I was too excited over the tacos to hold the camera straight.)

But trust me, he had a blast making them (I even threw out a few Top Chef references) and we now have a new dish to serve when we have guests for dinner. Unless I just decide to feed them frozen Super Suppers meals.

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