Meagan Musing: Fantasy Land

Meagan Musing


Fantasy Land

I am playing in my first-ever fantasy football league this year - The Chuck Norris Experience. (I know, my friend Brent is a little silly.) Brian has played the last two years and had a great time so when Brent and Courtney were starting a league with girls I said, "yes, yes, sign me up!"

It came time for draft day and Brian was out of town so I was all on my own which made me a little nervous. (I did have Fenway for company.) But Brian and Matt and Kelsey were drafting at the same time just from different locations so I felt a little better about my daunting task. I took the last two hours at work to complete my fantasy study and had a good idea of who I'd pick from my second-in-the-draft position.

And I picked a pretty good team!! I'm the only person in our 12 team league who's 3-0!! Whoo Hoo! And I've already had to play two of the tougher opponents, so I'm feeling pretty good about my self. As Brian reminded me last week fantasy genius can be gone in a flash, but right now I'm just basking in my awesomeness. How's that for a girl in a man's world?



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