Meagan Musing: Puzzle Happy

Meagan Musing


Puzzle Happy

I'm the biggest nerd, ever. But I'm happy so it's okay, right? Actually I don't think I'm all that nerdy, maybe just a little mature beyond my years? :)

Guess what I did Saturday night? That's right: the hardest puzzle in the history of puzzles. It's a beautiful Thomas Kincaid scene, Blessings at Christmas. Unfortunately I bought it for myself so I can't even blame anyone else for inflicting this on me and my free time.

But see how pretty it is? It's just going to be beautiful when it's finished. And the coolest thing is that since I'm listening to Outlander on my iPod I was able to listen to Outlander while doing the puzzle! Well, maybe I really am the biggest nerd ever.

To make up for my nerdy-ness we had six people over intermittently yesterday to watch the playoff games. Brian wanted to make a smoked pork shoulder on his fancy ceramic green egg. I read the recipe after he put the meat on at 2pm. It was supposed to cook for 8-9 HOURS! Luckily, we had fajita meat to feed our guests instead since he finally took the pork off the smoker at 10 o'clock last night. I'm looking forward to having it for dinner this week!



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